Grubby Hands

Grubby Hands

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Multi Purpose Organic Handmade Aromatherapy Soap Bar


A real get it done Sope for the shop, garden or any dirty, greasy job.


Grubby Hands Sope continually amazes with its ability to do it all. Ground Organic Coffee paired with lemon and orange citrus oils create the Sope you’ll need after working in the shop or tending to your garden. Grubby Hands Sope can also be used as a pre-wash when you get oil on your clothes. The best choice to get squeaky clean, Grubby Hands Sope is also great in the bath or shower with a scrubby, deep cleaning, exfoliating, lathery feel as it naturally deodorizes. Like all Sope it is made from organic ingredients with nothing artificial, is super long lasting and, most importantly, feels great on your skin.

For oily skin types, or anyone with an oily, greasy mess on their hands!


People Love it because:

  • It really cleans up after greasy, dirty, jobs
  • Citrus essential oils cut grease and oils fast
  • Deep scrub from organic Coffee
  • Super long lasting
  • It's handmade in Montana with organic ingredients, no unpronouncables!
  • Naturally Vegan, Gluten Free and Cruelty Free
  • 100% Recycled packaging

4 oz bar


All Natural Ingredients:

Montana safflower oil*, palm* and coconut oils*, sodium hydroxide,water, rosemary extract, coffee*, lemon and orange essential oils. *organic


We Believe in Knowing Your Farmer

We are proud to share that the organic Safflower Oil supplier grows and presses the oil here in Montana. The organic Palm Oil Supplier is a member of the Palm Sustainability Council.


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    Made in Montana


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