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Speed up your healing process


We keep getting positive reports from people who use Salve on everything from minor burns, scrapes, baby's cradle cap and diaper rash, to inflamed acne. Salve also works wonders on dry, cracked, and irritated skin. Salve assists the body in speeding up the healing process.  Next time you have a fresh owie, try putting a nice layer of Salve over the wound and then covering with a sterile bandage.  What you are trying to do is keep the affected area bathed in salve for an extended period of time so that the cells in your skin have a good supply of the healing herbs Comfrey and Calendula, Tea Tree Oil and Lavender to use for cell repair and regeneration. It is amazing how much more quickly you will heal with a concentrated approach. Try covering your trouble spots with Salve and a bandage at night, since the body is naturally in maintenance mode while you sleep.  

We'd love to hear how Salve works for you.  We invite you to share your experience in the product reviews.  Thank you!

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